Axel with Ron Davis in Iceland 2003

Axel Gudmundsson

Davis Facilitator,
Director of Gifted Dyslexic,
Gift of Dyslexia workshop presenter,
Former Advanced workshop presenter,
Former Davis Supervisor Specialist,
Former director of Davis Dyslexia Association Africa
Former director of  Capella House School in Cape Town

26 Bracknell Gardens


London NW3 7ED

Telephone 07599 624725

With a college degree in arts, and several years of psychotherapy training, I have a wide background in human development and creative industries, including graphic design, TV, and motion pictures. 

In my early twenties, shortly after graduation, I set up my first company, Mannraektin (Human Potential) in my native Iceland, offering a variety of human development courses, primarily focusing on workshops and products developed by myself for treating eating disorders, inspired by the internationally successful 12-step self-help programme of Overeaters Anonymous

After a few years working in film, TV and graphic design, my next significant project was to co-found the publishing company Voxtur (Growth) for publishing human potential books. The first task of the new company was to translate and publish the international best-seller "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" by the American relationship expert Dr John Gray PhD. This book broke new ground in Icelandic book-publishing history by being the first self-help book to compete in the Icelandic general best-seller list. It went straight to number one on the overall national best-seller list in Iceland 1995. The next project was to translate and publish the tiny life-transforming book "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" by the internationally renowned spiritual guide Deepak Chopra. This was also a significant success, achieving number four on the overall best-seller list in 1996.

This is when I left Iceland to study humanistic psychotherapy at Spectrum in London, where I completed the Spectrum Counselling Course and graduated from the One Year Course in Psychotherapy. After completing three years of intensive psychotherapy training, I remained a member of the Spectrum post-graduate continued education programme, as well as being a member of an on-going Men's Group and a couples' Group at Spectrum, until late 2008 when I moved to Cape Town, SA. 

While training at Spectrum, I also trained and qualified as a Davis dyslexia facilitator in 2002, and then successfully introduced the Davis methods in my native Iceland

In 2004 I founded Gifted Dyslexic, which now operates in the UK, Iceland and South Africa,  including offering online Davis programmes worldwide via Zoom video-link.  

in 2010 I became a director and shareholder in Capella House, a small progressive school on the outkirts of Cape Town, South Africa. Along with a few other dedicated families, we built up the school until 2018 when we passed it onto the current owner – a diligent principal who has worked her way up the ranks within the school. This school is now doing very well under her leadership.

In 2012 I founded Davis Dyslexia Association  Africa, offering training and quality control of Davis facilitators throughout  Africa.

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