Gifted Dyslexic was founded by Axel Gudmundsson in North-London back in 2004, and we offer a wide range of the internationally successful Davis™ programmes.

Axel Gudmundsson

Hampstead, London

Axel Gudmundsson founded Gifted Dyslexic in North-London 2004.

Val  van der Berg

Reading, Berkshire

Val van der Berg joined GD in 2020 after moving  from South Africa. 

Davis™ Dyslexia Correction Programme

Two year improvement in five days.

Even though this programme is generally done for six hours daily over five days, it can be adapted to fit your schedule. Half-days are common, and we have occasionally done the work as a day per week over five weeks.

Four year average reading improvement.

In  only 30 hours we provide adults and children over the age of eight with effective tools to conquer their reading problems, generally with a minimum of two year reading improvement. You then use the tools at home for roughly 50 hours, and eliminate the problem for good.

Why is it a "CORRECTION"?

We talk about correcting learning difficulties, as there is in our view nothing to cure. By using our simple set of effective tools, you can overcome your learning difficulties once and for all.

Davis™ Attention Mastery Programme

30-50 hours one-to-one Davis Attention Mastery intervention (including the Literacy programme) - followed by about 50 hours at home. 

When addressing ADD and AD/HD issues we normally begin by addressing literacy, as there is often an underlying issue with literacy. If there are no problems with literacy, then we generally complete all the literacy work within a day or so, and in that case the AD/HD can be dealt with in about 5 days. If there are issues with literacy, then it is likely to take 8 days to deal with both literacy and ADD (or AD/HD). If there are maths problems as well, then we might need to add a few days, possibly taking the whole programme to twelve days. 

Davis™ Math Mastery Programme

Maths made easy

The 50 hour Davis Math Mastery programme uniquely starts by mastering ten logic concepts which underpin all mathematical thinking. Once these concepts have been mastered, we use clay and multisensory learning methods to clear up any confusion in arithmetic; adding and subtraction, multiplying and dividing. 

Davis™ Reading Programme for Young Learners

Start early and PREVENT the problem.

 If your child is younger than eight, the Davis Reading Programme for Young Learners allows you to avoid reading problems from the get-go.

In 30 hours, the child and parent learn simple strategies together, maximizing success in reading and all academics. This prrogramme benefits any young learner at any skill level. You can prevent reading problems for potential dyslexics, and equally enhance reading for strong learners.