Dyslexic and ADHD student achieves nine A-stars

Nelly wrote a lovely appreciation on the whiteboard towards the end of her programme

“Nelly just passed her GCSEs with nine A-stars!” 

Nelly’s mother contacted us to thank us just over a year after she finished her five day Davis programme.  She was already an avid reader and a good student when she came to us, but showed symptoms of ADHD and wanted help with structuring her thoughts and improving her revision skills.

Nelly is a very brigh, motivated, impatient, and speedy as often is the case with AD/HD people. 

She completed the whole five-day programme in only two days, and covered the three-day maths/ADD on the third day. 

Despite only taking three days to cover what we would normally expect to take eight days, she did a very thorough job, and her grades improved solidly. 

The remaining 12 hours of the programme were used for doing her follow-up work with me. 

Again she proved a very quick learner, and finished the estimated 50 hour follow-up work within 12 hours. 

One of her goals was actually to approach learning in a more relaxed manner and stop relying on extreme concentration. 

She achieved this and her grades improved while putting in less effort than she had previously done.