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Many parents are overwhelmed trying to work out how best to help their dyslexic or ADHD child

The same applies to adult dyslexics or ADHD persons looking for help.

Contact us and find out how we can help. We will call you back if you leave your mobile phone number.

For a successful Davis programme, you need to complete the following six steps, but it costs you nothing to reach out.

1: Phone consultation

A chat on the phone or WhatsApp, up to one hour - free.

We are happy to have a conversation with you about the solutions we can offer – a WhatsApp call or FB Messenger call could be a good starting point as long  as you provide us with your cell phone number.

The UK mobile number is +44 (0) 7599 624725, and unless I am busy with a client, I will be happy to give you advice.

2: Assessment

2-3 hours. Face to face or via Zoom. Cost: £220

A Davis Assessment is essentially a guided self-assessment and very different from a conventional educational assessment. This assessment enables us to determine the suitability of a Davis Dyslexia Correction programme, including  the level of motivation. We also get a rough idea of how many days are required to address the needs and goals of the client.

We may offer a bursary for our assessment and programmes for African clients.

3: Assessment Results

30 minutes. Face to face or via Zoom. Included in the Assessment fee.

We do NOT provide a written report, but following the assessment we do have up to 30 minute follow-up session discussing the results of the assessment and the way forward.

If the assessment indicates that the client is a suitable candidate for a Davis Programme, you can go ahead and book in the relevant programme. 

4: Davis Programme/s

30-72 hours. 6 hours per day face to face, or 3-6 hours per day via Zoom. Cost: £120 per hour.

 The number of hours required for each Davis programme is pretty much standardised worldwide and normally they are done over consecutive 6-hour days, except a Davis Reading Programme for Young Learners which tends to be ten half-days. Programmes done over Zoom are also tailored to the client's screen-stamina.

Dyslexia Correction (30 hours): £3,600
Attention Mastery Programme (30 hours): £3,600
Maths Mastery Programme (48 hours): £5,760
Dyslexia and Attention Mastery (48 hours): £5,760
Dyslexia and Maths Mastery (60 hours): £7,200
Dyslexia, Maths, and Attention Mastery (72 hours): 8,640

We may offer a bursary for our assessment and programmes for African clients.

5: Follow-up Support

Up to 6 hours. Face to face or via Zoom. Included in the programme fee.

The final three hours of a Davis programme are dedicated to training a designated support person. This could be a parent, tutor, or someone else who is prepared to spend roughly 50 hours supporting the client in making clay models after the program. We also include up to 6 hours of follow-up support in the programme cost, which should provide ample confidence for completing the remaining 50-odd hours of follow-up work.

6: Follow-up at Home

Roughly 50 hours done by the client with the designated support person.

 Over the months following the Dyslexia correction programme, the client uses clay at home to master the 217 trigger-words, and once this is completed, the dyslexia is corrected. 

Following the Davis Math Mastery programme the client will use the clay to master the symbols and words used in mathematics (possibly 10-20 hours).