About Gifted Dyslexic

Gifted Dyslexic

Axel  Gudmundsson founded Gifted Dyslexic in 2004 in North-London, and now we offer the full range range of Davis programmes in the UK, South Africa, and Iceland.

The UK number is +44(0)7599 624 725

Both offices can be emailed through info@gifteddyslexic.com.

Here are some useful links to Davis sites:

The international Davis Dyslexia site.

A useful site for help with symbol mastery, including a PDF for trigger-word definitions.

The international Davis training website.

The international Davis dyslexia facilitator directory.

The Davis Learning Strategies site (for early intervention in the classroom).

Why Tyrannosaurus but not If - Richard Whitehead's free online course. Please forward this to people you think might benefit from getting a little insight into the Davis approach.

Davis Learning Foundation - the Davis training organisation for UK and Africa.