Davis™ programmes

Immediate Results

We customize our programmes in order to address your individual needs. If you work with us, we will tailor a programme specifically for you, based on your age, goals, and symptoms profile. We will also schedule the work as much as we can to fit in with your requirements, though most commonly we do an intensive programme consisting of six hours a day, over five days. When working with a younger child, we are likely to spread the work more, with shorter time each day.

The 30 hour one-to-one literacy programme gives adults and children over the age of eight effective tools to conquer the problem once and for all. 50 hours of follow-up work at home follows.

48 hours one-to-one Davis Math Mastery intervention covers all aspects of arithmetic (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing) - and is followed by 20-50 hours at home.

30 hours ofone-to-one work provides effortless focus, better control of personal energy levels, and greater ability and confidence in avoiding unintended negative consequences.

25-30 hours provide important tools to beginning readers and their parents. You gain the skills needed to provide the child with ongoing quality support in effortless reading.

4 Grade Levels?

This pie-chart shows the results from fellow Davis facilitators Larry and Stacy Smith, who run the Rocky Point Academy in Canada. They have tested the reading skills of almost all their clients immediately before and after the five-day Davis dyslexia programme, and their research shows an average reading improvement of just under four grade levels in the five day Davis Dyslexia Corrrection programme.

Dr Cathy was amazed

After completing her doctoral degree in Human Development and Applied Psychology at the University of Toronto, Dr. Cathy Dodge Smith established a private practice in Oakville, Ontario, as a psychoeducational therapist to help clients with  learning disabilities. 

Then she discovered that Ronald D. Davis had found an entirely new way of understanding dyslexia and had created a program that eliminates its root causes. When she saw what a difference the Davis program made in the lives of her clients, she trained to become a licensed Davis Dyslexia Correction facilitator herself.