Books About the Davis Methods

Ron Davis co-authored three groundbreaking books about his simple genius programmes designed by him  to address a range of developmental challenges.

The Gift of Dyslexia book

The Gift of Dyslexia

The original best-selling breakthrough book by Ron Davis is changing how dyslexia is viewed - and how it is remedied - worldwide. 

The Gift of Learning book

The Gift of Learning

Here Ron Davis focuses on proven methods for correcting three further learning difficulties in children and adults; ADHD, maths, and handwriting.

Autism and the Seeds of Change book

Autism and the Seeds of Change

Abigail Marshall wrote this book with Ron Davis, and here they explain Ron's programme for addressing the challenges of autism.

We have a steady growing number of  books and other products inspired by the Davis methods or complimentary to them.

Abigail Marshall is the mother of an adult son with dyslexia. She manages,, and; and writes about brain function, reading techniques, brain studies, and strategies for dealing with dyslexia.

Richard Whitehead's particular specialism is in the Davis Methods, a system devised by Ronald Davis which harnesses the innovative perceptual talents that accompany dyslexia and other learning differences to enable struggling learners to overcome their barriers.

Sue Hall understands dyslexia from the inside out – as a dyslexic person with vivid recollections of frustrations experienced in elementary school, as a parent who searched for and found a solution to enable a once-struggling child to learn become a reader, and as a talented Davis facilitator with fifteen years of hands-on experience working with children and adults.

Written with the input of an experienced Davis Facilitator, the book is filled with many teaching tips in areas that include reading, writing, math, and time management. It provides strategies that help them use their strengths.

Cathy Dodge Smith has over 50 years experience in special education and psychology. She is a licensed Davis Dyslexia Program Facilitator, licensed Davis Autism Approach Facilitator/Coach, licensed Traumatic Incident Reduction Facilitator, and a certified member of the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists, and Psychotherapists. Her doctorate from the University of Toronto is in Applied Psychology.

In her latest book, Out of Autism, she describes the Davis Autism Approach Program, augmenting her narrative with visual illustrations, case studies, testimonials, and links to outside resources. 

She takes the reader on the journey out of autism with her clients, bringing it to life so that the reader gets a clear picture of what actually happens in the program. No matter what your interest in ASD, you won't want to miss this opportunity to delve into a fresh, creative approach to managing this disorder.