Davis works just as well for adults

In fact, Davis was initially used for adults, and later adapted for children.  Back in September 2016, 18 year old Jadon Joseph was expected to fail his Matric exams (National Senior Certificate Examination). We believed we could help him overcome his dyslexia and ADHD in only four weeks, enabling him to study efficiently and pass his Matric. Based on our prior experience of using the Davis methods, we were full of confidence... 

Jadon works on punctuation


Jadon was facing failure at his university entrance exams when he came to us in 2016.

Jadon interviewed


5 Years in 1 Day: We tested Jadon's reading level before starting, and again after his first day.

Jadon sits exams


After about 50 hours of Davis and few days of revision, Jadon sat his exams.