Davis Math Mastery Programme

Sabre learns maths in 5 days

Mathematics made super easy.

No matter what level of skill you are at when we start a Davis Math Mastery programme, you are likely to jump several years in ability over the 8 days.

When addressing maths issues we tend to begin by addressing literacy, to ensure that there is no confusion in reading maths problems and questions. The literacy work is often achieved within 10-30 hours of one-to-one work, which allows us to use the remainder of our time for maths - but realistically, completing the Math Mastery programme in anything less than 70 hours would be a bonus. After the programme, there is about 30-50 hours of follow-up work at home.

"I am just rubbish at maths."

While most of us agree that dyslexia is a serious handicap in life, many treat dyscalculia as just a minor annoyance, not realising how mathematical fluency is an important life skill.

The Davis Math Mastery programme is unique in the fact that we address missing concepts which underpin all mathematical thinking. Mastery of these concepts is critical in order to understand maths on an intuitive level.

 We scan through every aspect of arithmetic (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing), and if we find an area of confusion, we clear it up on the spot.

How does it work?

The problem with traditional teaching is due to over-emphasising the verbal parts of symbols (shape and sound), and not making a strong enough link to the non-verbal part of the symbol (the meaning). 

This can easily be remedied through using "manipulatives" - concrete objects illustrating mathematical amounts and functions, and the plasticine we use in all the Davis programmes is perfect for this purpose.

When gaps are found (confusion) we simply fill in the gaps, using plasticine for effective multi-sensory, heuristic learning (learning through discovery, incorporating all the five senses).