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2 Learn to Read is a pilot project, currently only available in English to families living in the UK, Africa, Ireland, India, and Eastern Europe. We wanted to make the award winning Davis® approach available online to parents who are busy teaching their young child to read at home.

Successful treatment for adults and children with dyslexia, dyscalculia, and ADHD

Huge improvement in only five days!

Ten year old autistic Isabella was PROFOUNDLY dyslexic.

After years of trying every reading intervention her parents could find, Isabella had not yet learnt a SINGLE letter of the alphabet.

But after only FOUR DAYS with Axel Gudmundsson she was reading.

Davis Programmes

Mastering the Alphabet

The 30 hour one-to-one literacy programme gives adults and children over the age of eight effective tools to conquer the problem once and for all. 50 hours of follow-up work at home follows.

An equation in clay

48 hours one-to-one Davis Math Mastery intervention covers all aspects of dyscalculia (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing) - and is followed by 20-50 hours at home.

A smiling ADHD person with clay models

30 hours of one-to-one work addresses ADHD, providing effortless focus, better control of personal energy levels, and greater ability and confidence to avoide unintended negative consequences.

Reading fluently using the Davis Methods

25-30 hours makes learning to read efortless for 5–8 year old learners and their parents. You gain the skills needed to ensure your child transitions easily and quickly from a non-reader to a capable reader.

Dramatic change in a few days

Below is a rough guideline of how many days are needed for addressing various learning challenges. Dyspraxia is generally addressed within the other programmes.

When a client signs up for more than one programme at the same time, some time can be saved due to overlap in "curriculum".

Each day tends to be six hours of work, plus half an hour lunch break.

When done ONLINE via zoom, or when working with a child younger than eight, we tend to limit daily sessions to three hours.

Handwriting correction might take an additional day.

A graph showing how long various Davis programmes take

Our Team

Axel Gudmundsson, director of Gifted Dyslexic

London, UK

Davis Dyslexia Faciltator, Gift of Dyslexia Workshop Presenter.
Val van der Berg, Davis facilitator

Reading, UK

Davis Dyslexia Facilitator
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