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Harness your gift of dyslexia, dyscalculia, and ADHD in just a few days

Available in person all over London, in Reading, and globally on Zoom

Huge improvement in only five days!

At the age of ten, autistic Isabella was a PROFOUNDLY dyslexic before she experienced the Davis™ Dyslexia Correction Programme. 

After years of schooling, trying every reading intervention her parents could find, Isabella had not yet learnt a SINGLE letter of the alphabet. She could not even write her own name correctly.

Her mother signed her up for a Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme with Gifted Dyslexic, and on DAY FIVE she was reading.

Our Team

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Davis Dyslexia Faciltator, Gift of Dyslexia Workshop Presenter.

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Davis Dyslexia Assessment

Your first step towards a Davis programme

The Davis assessment allows us to find out if you are likely to benefit from our programme, and design a tailor-made programme just for you. Through the assessment we create a unique symptoms profile, highlighting both your strengths and weaknesses. We can do this in person in London or Reading, or via video-link anywhere in the world.

Even if you decide not to go further with our help, the Davis assessment is likely to give you a much greater understanding of the problems you are facing as well as a more positive outlook on the world.

Davis Programmes

We are proud to offer the Davis™ methods, created by the autistic genius Ron Davis.

Dyslexia corrected in only five days with 98% sucess rate.

At the age of 38, the dyslexic and autistic genius Ronald Dell Davis was still functionally illiterate, despite having had a long and successful business career. One evening, he discovered a simple method which enabled him to read easily and effortlessly. Ron's method is now called the Davis™ Dyslexia Correction Programme, and his initial research demonstrated 98% of his clients improving their reading by at least two years in five days.

This programme is now offered by hundreds of professionals all over the world, successfully treating dyslexia, ADHD, dyspraxia, and dyscalculia in just a few days.

Read about Ron's and the Davis dyslexia programme in his international best-seller  THE GIFT OF DYSLEXIA.

US version
Ronald Dell Davis

The 30 hour one-to-one literacy programme gives adults and children over the age of eight effective tools to conquer the problem once and for all. 50 hours of follow-up work at home follows.

48 hours one-to-one Davis Math Mastery intervention covers all aspects of dyscalculia (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing) - and is followed by 20-50 hours at home.

30 hours of one-to-one work addresses ADHD, providing effortless focus, better control of personal energy levels, and greater ability and confidence to avoide unintended negative consequences.

25-30 hours makes learning to read efortless for 5–8 year old learners and their parents. You gain the skills needed to ensure your child transitions easily and quickly from a non-reader to a capable reader.

Dramatic change in a few days

Here is a rough guideline of how many days are needed for addressing various learning challenges. Dyspraxia is generally addressed within the other programmes.

When a client signs up for more than one programme at the same time, some time can be saved due to overlap in "curriculum".

Each day tends to be six hours of work, plus half an hour lunch break.

When done ONLINE via zoom, or when working with a child younger than eight, we tend to limit daily sessions to three hours.

Handwriting correction might take an additional day.

Dyslexia correction takes 5 days. ADHD programme takes 5 days. Math Mastery programme takes 8 days.  Dyslexia and Attention Mastery programmes together take 8 days. Dyslexia and Math Mastery Programmes together take ten days. Dyslexia, ADHD, and Math Mastery programmes together take 12 days. Reading Programme for Young Learners takes ten half-days.

Why does Davis work so amazingly?

Think different!

Axel explains a hidden link between dyslexia and giftedness in Apple's iconic advert.

Too good to be true?

Improve reading by two years in only two  days is this possible? Yes it is!

This is why:

The  Davis "mental tools" use your neurodivergent talent to overcome your challenges.

Davis delivers results

Our research  based approach works

This graph shows results from our Davis™ colleagues Larry and Stacy Smith, who run Rocky Point Academy in Canada. They have tested the reading skills of almost all clients immediately before and after the five-day Davis dyslexia programme, demonstrating an average reading improvement of almost four grade levels in five days. The more room there is for improvement, the greater improvement we tend to see. 

This is how Davis works?

Davis facilitators and clients in the UK share their experiences and views on dyslexia and how the Davis methods can help.

This is why Davis works.

This animation explains how dyslexics think and feel – and how they can overcome learning problems using the Davis methods.

A very happy mother.

Angela Gonzales MD was so impressed with her child's results that she decided to become a Davis facilitator herself.


Ella reads Kuffle Bunny after 5 days.

Sam goes from 14% to 90% in 5 days.

James learns to read in 3 days.

Sabre learns maths in 5 days.

See for yourself:

From totally illiterate to top of his class

Nicola Killops was an exceptional teacher of gifted children when she attended the four-day Gift of Dyslexia workshop in 2014, mainly looking for ways to help her autistic son James with his severe dyslexia. She had always used her amazing teaching skills with James, but still at the age of ten she had only managed to teach him about three letters and a few words. Despite her teaching experience and now having a basic understanding of the Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme, she decided to sign him up to a professional programme with Gifted Dyslexic. On the morning of day three he was reading the street names on his way to see us, and a few days later he was reading age-appropriate books.  His behaviour also dramatically changed, with less overwhelm and meltdowns, as well as greater consideration for others.

Seven years later we received the following message from Nicola:

"James is thriving.
Top of his class in all the humanities.
I am so proud of him.
I owe so much to you.
[I am now] making it my life's work to make others know there is hope."

Davis works just as well for adults

In fact, Davis was initially used for adults, and later adapted for children.  Back in September 2016, 18 year old Jadon Joseph was expected to fail his Matric exams (National Senior Certificate Examination). We believed we could help him overcome his dyslexia and ADHD in only four weeks, enabling him to study efficiently and pass his Matric. Based on our prior experience of using the Davis methods, we were full of confidence... 


Jadon was facing failure at his university entrance exams when he came to us in 2016.

5 Years in 1 Day: Unbelievable!

We tested Jadon's reading level before starting, and again after his first day.


After about 50 hours of Davis and few days of revision, Jadon sat his exams.

Train to prevent dyslexia

In only TWO DAYS, Teachers can learn to PREVENT dyslexia by using Davis in the classroom

Implementing the Davis Learning Strategies in a mainstream school requires only twelwe hours of training for each foundation-phase teacher, and can cost as little as US$10 per learner. The incredible effect has been demonstrated in the USA and NZ; no special needs referrals and great increase in gifted referrals.

Train to correct dyslexia

Workshops and Licensing from Davis Dyslexia Association International

A licensed Davis Facilitator provides standard Davis correction programs for dyslexia, math mastery, and attention mastery. Use of the term Davis to describe services for dyslexia or other learning needs offered in a commercial (fee-based) context requires licensing by DDAI.

Davis Dyslexia Association International provides professional-quality training in methods developed by Ronald D. Davis to all interested adults, including dyslexia practitioners, teachers, homeschooling parents, and others interested in learning how to use and apply our innovative and effective learning approach.

Our training includes a career-oriented program leading to licensing as a Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator.  Training is available worldwide through our network of international affiliates.  University  or CEU credit may be available depending on specific course and location.