Here is a testimonial from Kirsteen Britten, an adult dyslexic in New Zealand who was so amazed by the results of her programme that she decided to train as a Davis facilitator herself. She did not work with us at Gifted Dyslexic, but we provide exactly the same programme.

A testimonial from the mother of Kris, a brilliant nine year old dyslexic girl:

"Hi Axel, trust that you and family are keeping well... would like to report back that Kristiana has made an incredible improvement in her academics... She received a diploma for Improvement in All Learning Areas... and has passed all her subjects... and School is no longer daunting... Thank you from Kris and I for making her learning easy... Have a blessed Christmas and an awesome New Year... — feeling accomplished."

We often find that parents spot the problems before school, simply because parents are more aware of the true potential of their child, and of course it is difficult for a teacher with up to thirty children in a class to spot and realise the true potential of all their students. In fact, most schools consider their responsibility fulfilled if your child does not fail at exams. We often find a bright child achieving average marks in school -before seeing us - and that being considered fine by school. It is generally not considered a school's responsibility to help students reach their true potential. They may simply be considered an average student - and that may be fine by school.

We at Gifted Dyslexic aim to help children and adults to reach their true potential and we are fully aware that the success of the Davis methods may sound too good to be true. Because of this we have asked some of our clients if they can be contacted by people interested in the programme. If you contact us, we will be more than happy to give you contact details of these clients for you to verify their success. We are proud of the consistently high success rate we achieve by using the Davis methods. Here are a few comments from satisfied clients, their loved ones or educators.

Expert Testimonies for the Davis™ Program

"Ron Davis is a revolutionary and profound thinker and has discovered what history will record as one of the great insights in the fields of learning and how the mind works." - Thom Hartmann, author of Beyond ADD: Hunting for Reasons in the Past and Present, and many other top selling books.

"These [Davis] procedures have an excellent foundation in learning theory. They use each of the senses for learning and provide for concept integration."

- Joan Smith, Ed.D., author of You Don't Have to be Dyslexic

"After hearing so much about what kids labeled 'dyslexic' can't do, it's refreshing to learn from Ron Davis about the gift of dyslexia. Davis helps us reframe the learning abilities of kids who have trouble reading, yet who possess superior visual-spatial understanding, and he provides important clues as to how they can be reached."

Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D., author of The Myth of the A.D.D. Child and In Their Own Way

“We have been particularly pleased with the results of Ron Davis’ program. One visual-spatial learner gained 4 grade levels in one week, and retained the gain.”

Dr. Linda Kreger Silverman, Director of the Gifted Development Center and author of Upside-Down Brilliance; The Visual-Spatial Learner.