Individual Davis programmes

For individual intervention, we will be working in the Gifted Dyslexic office in Kommetjie, and we would advise you to stay in Kommetjie. There are a number of options within five minute walk from Gifted Dyslexic, and for meals there are a few little restaurants within walking distance, as well as a small grocery store. The nearest shopping mall is about 10 minute drive away.

Kommetjie is a very safe and peaceful holiday and surfing village within an hour's drive of central Cape Town and the airport, and there is a lot of holiday accommodation available in the village. Below is a short list of some of the places where our clients have stayed.

The Kommetjie Accommodation website has lovely and well presented information about the village and the surrounding area.

The House of Braganza is very close to Gifted Dyslexic, where we provide individual programmes, and about 10 minute drive from Living Hope Campus and Capella House School, where we tend to run our workshops. They charge reasonable prices (Single - R 620.00 in high season). It is also less than 2 minute walk from Kommetjie beach, and we have had very positive feedback from clients staying there.

Guinea Fowl House is about five minute walk from Gifted Dyslexic, where we provide individual programmes, and several of our clients have stayed there. The reports we get have been very positive.

5 Pelican Place is a self-catering family guesthouse at Long Beach, Kommetjie, sleeping from 2-6 people in a choice of two garden apartments practically on Kommetjie beach, 5 minute walk from Gifted Dyslexic, and about 10 minute drive from Living Hope Campus and Capella House School, where we tend to run our workshops, and practically on Kommetjie beach. Prices range from R500 (low season) per night for a unit sleeping two (very small), to R1.500 (high season) for a unit sleeping up to 6.

Klein Slangkop Guesthouse is within easy 5-10 minute walking distance from Gifted Dyslexic, where we provide individual programmes, where we provide individual programmes, and within about 10 minute drive of Living Way Campus, where we generally run our workshops. This guesthouse offers beautiful views over the beach and Chapman's Peak, and is situated in a fairly newly built security estate. If some people are sharing self catering, it could be an option with prices of about R500 per person.

Imhoff Park is a caravan park in Kommetjie with some small chalets at a very reasonable price. It is about 5 minute walk from Gifted Dyslexic.

Our training workshop are generally run in Capella House School or Living Hope Campus. They are about 5km distance from Kommetjie village, so for the workshops we would advice renting a car if you are staying in Kommetjie. If we have a lot of participants from afar staying in Kommetjie, we may well organize a shuttle bus between the village and the venue each day. This is NOT where we do individual Davis dyslexia programmes.

Villekulla Easy Living Lodge is literally across the road from Capella House School, where we tend to run our Cape Town training workshops. They offer a rustic good value accommodation, as long as you are not looking for luxury. For meals there is a couple of cafes close by, and a greengrocer next door.

Makapa Lodge is within 10 minute walking distance from Capella House School and Living Way, and this could be a good option if you want a bit mor luxurious accommodation than Villekulla Lodge.

Below you can see a map of the area close to the workshop venue at Capella House School, where we expect to run our Gift of Dyslexia workshop. Should numbers of participants grow beyond the capacity of the classroom at Capella House, we will move the workshop to the Living Hope campus, which is very close to the school. The Gifted Dyslexic office, where you would come for a one-to-one intervention, is on 2 Heron Circle in Kommetjie.

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Airport transfers

We do not have any business arrangement with the below companies apart from having used each of them at least once and had a positive experience.

Mzantsi Transfers and Tours: Lizo Jack on 082 956 5186.

Noordhoek Taxi, 071 234 7021: flat fee of around R400 for airport pick-up, even when shared between up to eight people. Other services should be similar cost.

Mark Bayman airport transfers: Mark Bayman on 082 469 1783.

Seascape Tours: 083 412 3275 (Dot), 082 499 6040 (Tim).

Yusuf taxi service: 078 208 6622.

Alternatively, you could rent a car at the airport, which might be a very good idea, as the Cape has a lot to offer in terms of tourist attractions.

We will be adding more choices as we go along, but you could also look for yourself on the following sites:

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