Prices of programmes

The Davis Dyslexia Correction programme normally takes five days, and handwriting problems add about a day. ADHD, and maths problems each add about three days, but each takes about five days if done on their own, without doing the Davis Dyslexia Correction programme. You have essentially three options available in terms of using the Davis approach to address dyslexia and/or other learning difficulties in a child or an adult:

1.     PROFESSIONAL DAVIS PROGRAMME (R 6,600 per day):

Gifted Dyslexic has a daily rate of R 6,000. The Davis Dyslexia Correction programme tends to take 5 days – and then there is follow-up work for you to do at home (roughly 50 hours). Only fully trained and licensed Davis facilitators can offer the professional Davis programmes.

Before a professional Davis programme, you will need a 2-3 hour Davis assessment. If need be, this can be done over Skype, and then it is generally kept to about an hour.


This is offered a couple of times a year in the UK and SA, and aims to give you more confidence in applying the procedures from the book. You will not gain the same skill and confidence as a fully trained professional Davis facilitator, who goes through rigorous training over a year, but many parents and teachers have still reported good success from this option.
NOTE: This option does not train you to address ADD, maths, or handwriting problems.


You can buy The Gift of Dyslexia and follow the instructions in the book yourself. This is obviously not as secure in terms of success as working with a professional, but it is a good first step anyway, as it would be a great preparation even if you do not succeed with the DIY* work, and decide to move on to one of the other options.