1. Davis Dyslexia assessment

Before receiving intervention from us, you come for a one-to-one Davis assessment.

The Davis assessment allows us to find out if you are likely to benefit from our programme, and design a tailor-made programme just for you. Through the assessment we create a unique symptoms profile, highlighting both your strengths and weaknesses.

We aim to answer the following four questions:
  1. Are you likely to benefit from our help? 
  2. Do you really want our help (not just your parents)? 
  3. Am I the best person to work with you (rapport is very important)?
  4. How many days are you likely to need (5 or 8-9 days)
The result of the assessment is discussed at he end, but we do not provide a written report. If you are looking for a written report, we recommend a full educational assessment, which we do not provide, but we do recommend educational psychologists for this purpose further down this page.

Even if you decide not to go further with our help, the Davis assessment is likely to give you a much greater understanding of the problems you are facing as well as a more positive outlook on the world.

If our Davis assessment indicates that you would benefit from using the Davis methods, you can at your leisure decide to sign up for the full thirty hour correction programme. You may want to do the free on-line Davis assessment right now, which will give you an immediate indication of whether our programme is likely to benefit you.


UK: £120, 

SA: R 2,100.


Two to three hours (or an hour or so over Skype).

Our assessment is required before signing up to the full Davis correction programme. This assessment is not an equivalent to an educational psychologists report and does not substitute a Statement of special educational needs, but it does allow us to tailor an eventual programme exactly to your needs and match you with a suitable facilitator.

If you would like to have a Davis Assessment, you can contact us for a chat or book an assessment by filling in the form below.

Educational Assessments in South Africa

If you DO want an assessment which will help you to get more support for you - or your child - in school or university, we can recommend people who do this. We have dealt with a number of practices who offer ed-psych assessments, and have found some which we feel happy to recommend. What we look for in an educational psychologist is equal awareness of both the strenghts and the struggles that accompany learning difficulties, as well as the actual assessment experience being a supportive and pleasant experience - possibly even encouraging and inspiring.

We have been in touch with an educational psychologist in Cape Town, called Brenda van Rooyen who offers educational assessment. We do not have personal experience of working with her, but her assessment process involves he following:

  • An hour long intake interview with the parents;
  • A 4 hour assessment including IQ, scholastics, emotional screening;
  • Behaviour checklists;
  • An hour long feedback (with written report).
The cost of an educational assessment is likely to be In the region of R3-5,000.

She also gave us a list of educational psychologists who offer educational assessments in Cape Town. They include: 

Kate Armstrong

Sharon Aitken

Ilze van der Merwe

Hannelie Kotze

Welma Wehmeyer

Lyn Thijsse

Carl du Preez 

Habib Kagee.

The Learning Lab in Kenilworth also offers educational assessments.