The Mathgrid

The Mathgrid is a cornerstone in a new approach to teaching numeracy, arithmetic, and basic mathematics for primary and secondary level. This approach is inspired by and firmly rooted in the Davis methods for addressing dyscalculia. We use physical manipulatives, web-based video-instructions and virtual manipulatives, along with multi-sensory teaching methods to facilitate total mastery of numeracy and all the fundamentals of mathematics. This single, simple tool facilitates clear and speedy understanding and mastery of basic arithmetic (adding and subtracting), multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, squared numbers and square roots. It presents mathematical facts in an easy and comprehensible format, which sparks curiosity and exploration in most people who come across it.

By clicking on [view} next to the mathgrid_flash.swf below you can view a rough interactive prototype of the electronic version of The Mathgrid. the physical version is practically identical to the electronic version.

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