The MathGrid

The MathGrid is an interactive online app, accessible on any device and any platform. It is inspired by the Davis® methods for addressing dyscalculia, and presents mathematical problems and solutions in a simple visual way. 
If you click on the image of the phone below, the interactive MathGrid will open in a new window.

The current version covers the times tables, and was created for graduates of the Davis Math Mastery® Programme who wish to reinforce visual mastery of the times tables from 1x1 to 10x10. Given that most of the world now operates in a base-ten system, we no longer see mastery of the 11-times and 12-times tables as critical.

Given sufficient interest, the MathGrid will eventually cover basic arithmetic, including adding and subtracting, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, squared numbers and square roots. Mastery of the base-ten system and place value will be intuitively integrated into the app as well. 

The MathGrid presents mathematical reality in a fun and easy format, sparking curiosity and exploration in most people who come across it.

After trying it out, please complete our survey below.

MathGrid survey

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