Davis programmes

Handwriting correction might take an additional day.

We customize our programmes in order to address your individual needs. If you work with us, we will tailor a programme specifically for you, based on your age, goals, and symptoms profile. We will also schedule the work as much as we can to fit in with your requirements, though most commonly we do an intensive programme consisting of six hours a day, over five to twelve days, depending on your goals. When working with a younger child, we are likely to spread the work more, and work for shorter time each day.
Below is a list of programmes designed to deal with various symptoms and ages.
There are a number of options available to you, depending on the level of involvement you are prepared to take on, and what you can afford.

We like to think that the Davis programme is actually available to practically anyone, as you are not really restricted by finances. All you need is the book, some plasticine, time and patience. 

Alternatively, you can sign up for a workshop to give you more confidence in applying the procedures in the book, or book in a professional one-to-one intervention.

The above results are from fellow Davis facilitator Larry Smith, who runs the Rocky Point Academy in Canada. He has tested the reading skills of almost all his clients immediately before and after the five-day Davis dyslexia programme, and his research shows an average reading improvement of just under four grade levels in five days.

Our colleague in Canada, Dr. Cathy Dodge Smith at www.dyslexiacorrection.ca shares her experience.

We have also created a page with some support materials for your programme. There you can for example find a PDF document with a list of trigger words and definitions for your follow-up work.