Other Dyslexia Resources

We have collected information from a number of sources which can help you further. This includes articles about useful aspects outside what we offer, links to other Davis dyslexia sites, and other relevant sites.

If you are in a UK university, you may be able to use the Disabled Students Allowance to fund your Davis programme.

Here are some useful links to Davis sites:

A useful site for help with symbol mastery, including a PDF for trigger-word definitions:

The international Davis Dyslexia site:

Davis Learning foundation - the UK and Africa Davis site, run by Richard:

The Davis Learning Strategies site (for early intervention in the classroom):

Why tyrannosaurus but not if - Richard Whitehead's free online course. Please forward this to people you think might benefit from getting a little insight into the Davis approach:

For an online assessment on Ron Davis' website in California:
Click here

Non-Davis sites we highly recommend:

Thom Hartmann, author of The Edison Gene, amongst many others books, is a dyslexic thinker and one of America's leading authorities on ADD:

Sir Ken Robinson is one of the world's leading authorities on creativity in education. He has advised the Blair government in UK and is celebrated in USA for his views on education.