Davis Young Learner Kit for home use

Price: R 1 800.
If you have a young child just beginning to read, you can optimize the chances of success by using this kit. 

Even though this kit is based on the Davis dyslexia correction approach, it has been shown to enhance learning for all early readers in a classroom setting. 

Based on the Davis methods for dyslexia correction, this kit enables parents of children ages 5-7 to home teach and help young learners to:
  • focus attention
  • improve eye-hand coordination
  • learn the alphabet
  • learn basic punctuation
  • develop and strengthen pre-reading and basic reading skills
  • prevent the potential of a learning problem
  • improve sight word recognition and comprehension
  • establish life-long "how to learn" skills.

Kits include the following materials:

  • Parent Instruction Manual
  • Reusable Modeling Clay (2 lbs.)
  • Clay Cutter
  • A Dictionary
  • Punctuation Marks & Styles Booklet
  • Two Koosh Balls
  • Letter Recognition Cards
  • Laminated Alphabet Strip
  • Stop Signs for Reading Chart

For older children (3rd grade or age 8 and up), we recommend the Davis Symbol Mastery Kit. Kit should be selected based on the age of the child, rather than current reading level.

Note: This kit is not intended for classroom use, but it is ideal for home-schooling.