Accelerated Learning talk: Calvary Chapel, Nov. 29th, 2011

Axel Gudmundsson, director of Gifted Dyslexic and Education Excellence, gives a public talk in Calvary Chapel, Kommetjie on November 29th, about how the Davis Learning Strategies can enable teachers to achieve Accelerated Learning for all learners.

Accelerated Learning - Teaching made Easy - An effective literacy training for primary school teachers, accelerating literacy skills and enhancing learning for all students.
Any of the following: School 
administration and Local Education Authorities, teachers, therapists and parents. This talk is open to the general public.

Duration: 3 hours, 6-9pm.

Cost: R50

The Crazy Gifted Dyslexics

indicate that schools using Davis Learning Strategies (DLS) manage to significantly reduce special needs referrals while improving performance of all learners.The Davis Learning Strategies give a deep understanding of essential learning principles, which truly empower teachers to recognise their learners' individual learning style and accommodate them in the classroom to great success.

No special needs referrals in two years
A recently published research study in America found dramatic change from using Davis Learning Strategies (DLS) in the classroom. DLS is a new method of teaching children how to learn, based on the Davis Dyslexia Correction methods described in Ron Davis’ bestselling book 
The Gift of Dyslexia. It takes only two to five days of training to make a teacher proficient in using DLS in the classroom.

In a pilot study started 1993, eventually including seven Californian schools, DLS was shown to have a very encouraging effect. In three classrooms included in a study published in Reading Improvement Journal in 2001, referrals for special needs two years after the introduction of DLS were non-existent. Furthermore, numbers of gifted children in these classrooms were on average 20%, compared to US national average of 5%. This is four times the national average of gifted referrals. It is clear that this study indicates that the Davis Learning Strategies, when diligently applied in the classroom, leads to accelerated learning for all learners.

Two schools transformed through Davis
In recent years, two elementary (primary) schools beat all others in their respective regions by introducing Davis Learning Strategies. In the year 2006, Elbert Elementary school's third grade reading scores went straight from the worst to the best of all schools in the Pikes Peak district in Colorado, US, - immediately after 17 staff members were trained in using DLS. The second school to hit the headlines in the US media for using DLS is Walsh Elementary School. This is a small, underfunded school in rural Colorado, serving preschool through sixth grades. They introduced DLS in 2003, and four years later - against all odds - they had the highest reading scores in the state of Colorado, with 89% of the children scoring at or above grade level proficiency.

Axel will also discuss how parents can get involved and apply the same principles when doing homework in the first grades of primary school.
The talk is open for anybody, but we would appreciate you registering by clicking on the button below so we can have some idea about the size of the audience.

Calvary Chapel, kommetjie

Below is a link to a PDF poster about the talk, which you can download and print out and put up on a noticeboard in your school or workplace.
Axel Gudmundsson,
8 Nov 2011, 07:04