1 GD talk: Davis Autism, Radford House, 18 June

Johannesburg 17 June, 2015

In Radford House school for gifted children. 

6:00 for 6:30

R100 entry


Lorna Timms, director of Davis Autism International, gives an inspiring view of autism from Ron Davis' perspective, and outlines the steps covered in the Davis Autism workshop. 

She will explain some of the theories and principles behind Ron Davis' groundbreaking work in the field of autism, which is set to have similar impact on autism treatment as his work has had in the field of dyslexia and other learning differences.

This lecture is for anyone interested in the latest developments in the field of autism treatment - therapists, carers, and family members of autistic individuals, as well as high-functioning autists themselves.

Lorna will be presenting a five-day Davis Autism Workshop in Johannesburg at some point in 2016 (possibly at Easter). You can see more about the workshop here.

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