The Gifted Dyslexics

Comments on The Gift of Dyslexia lecture given in 2014 by Axel Gudmundsson at Anton Van Wouw school in Pretoria, SA:

"Excellent talk. Thank you. We would like you to become part of South Africa's first and only dyslexia association (RADA)."
- Sandra Stark

"The talk was very interesting and showed me a new perspective on dyslexia and its causes. I think it would be a good idea to perhaps give a seminar at a Speech & Language Therapy conference, since we often treat dyslexia. Thank you for your time and knowledge."

"Thank you so very much. My boys (one dyslexic, one ADD) are making much more sense to me now."
- Hannie Visse

"Thank you so much for your insight, the information that I acquired has shifted my focus entirely and opened my eyes to a new world. Thank you."
- Tamara

"Very good presentation. I still swap b&d (had to think now). I understand better myself and my child."

"A very interesting and fascinating talk – leaving me wanting to know a lot more."
- Robert Thomas Stark, Educational Psychologist

"Thanks, the concepts of orientation and disorientation as applied to the subject was a real eye-opener."
- Francis van Ravenswaay

"Thank you! Most informative. It seems simple to implement. Wish my sons (now 19+24) had it taught to them. Will contact you for further training. Also curious to know what – and if – the Department of Education knows about it."
- Milandre Vlok (lecturer in Early Childhood Education at UNISA)

"I understand my son much better."

"Very interesting!! Feels like I've heard the “tip of the iceberg” and would like to learn more."
- Rejanne Kruger

"This talk reaffirms what I have learnt over 34 years of education as an educator and principal. Thank you!"

"Thank you for an eye-opening talk. Broader understanding of dyslexia. Keep up the good work."

Full house (700 people) at a talk Axel Gudmundsson gave in his country of origin, Iceland in 2003. About 200 people had to be turned away, due to the size of the venue.

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