Straight to the Top Using the Davis Methods

Two elementary (primary) schools beat all others in their respective regions by introducing Davis Learning Strategies (DLS) - a two-day training which has been seen to dramatically reduce special needs referrals and multiply gifted referrals.

in 2014, a small rural school in New Zealand decided to introduce Davis Learning Strategies with equally impressive results. Here is a news story from New Zealand: 
Davis Learning Strategies are a recent development of the Davis methods. In four days or less, we train primary school teachers in applying our methods in the classroom when teaching all students. A study published in 2001 showed that instead of the national average of 15% special needs referrals, the DLS classes had not a single special needs referral. Furthermore, instead of the national average of 5% gifted referrals, the DLS classes had an average of 20% gifted referrals - four times the national average.
Immediate Excellence in a  DLS Model School
In the year 2006, Elbert Elementary school's third grade reading scores went straight from the worst to the best of all schools in the Pikes Peak district in Colorado, US, - immediately after 17 staff members were trained in using DLS. Two years later the school had still retained their leading position. See more here.

Walsh Elementary is a small, underfunded, rural school in Colorado serving preschool through sixth grades. They introduced DLS in 2003, and four years later - against all odds - they had the highest reading scores in the state of Colorado, with 89% of the children scoring at or above grade level proficiency. See more here.

Interviews with teachers, learners, and parents at Walsh Elementary School.

For more information go to the Davis Learning Strategies website.