Dyslexia in Schools

How to spot a dyslexic in class. A short video from the Yale Centre for Dyslexia and Creativity

Articles about Gifted Dyslexic and schools

We prefer as much co-operation with schools and education authorities as possible. For this reason we offer free lectures in schools, for staff and/or parents, and will often stage a dyslexia programme in a school, if circumstances allow. We also offer training programmes for teachers who want to be better equipped to deal with dyslexia in the classroom, and for special needs staff who want to increase their expertise and efficiency in their existing work.

Training opportunities for teachers:
Even though he has nothing to do with Gifted Dyslexic, I have decided to invite you to watch a video from one of the leading thinkers in the world on education, Sir Ken Robinson. The link between his points and ours, is the importance of creativity in education. We believe the dyslexic thinkers are the most creative of all people, and they are the ones who desperately need the kind of future Sir Ken dreams of.

Ken Robinson about creativity in education