Working with Age 9-18

Your training varies depending on your goals. 
If you simply want to be better equipped to deal with dyslexia in your work as a teacher or SENCO, or you are a layperson wanting to be able to help a dyslexic friend or family member, you can decide to do only the first (four day) module of our professional training - the Gift of Dyslexia Workshop.
Full South Africa Training Outline

The Basic Training
In order to feel more secure in dealing with literacy (dyslexia) you can take the next two modules, designed to refine your skills in applying the Davis methods to address dyslexia. These two modules, together with the Gift of Dyslexia Workshop are called the Basic Training.

Advanced Training
If you want to learn to deal with maths (dyscalculia), handwriting issues (dysgraphia), and/or AD/HD issues, you can attend the four day Advanced Methods Workshop.

Full Training
If you want to practice as an independent Davis Facilitator, you will need to complete the full Professional Training, which adds about four weeks of on-site training and further four weeks of home assignments. This is a total commitment of about eight weeks and needs to be completed within two years of commencing your training.

Timeline and costs for 2017/18 in South Africa:
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