Davis Dyslexia (and Autism) Training

Dealing with learning difficulties as a teacher or a parent can be both challenging and frustrating. This is especially hard because information about the nature of the problem can be hard to come by, confusing and sometimes even contradictory. 

The Davis approach provides a comprehensive, effective and simple way of understanding and dealing with dyslexia and other related difficulties. 

The Davis dyslexia training has been running in America and Europe for well over a decade, and the first module (http://www.ddaafrica.com/gift-of-dyslexia-workshop/) has been available in South Africa for a few years now (along with the second module, which consists of field assignments to do at home).

South African Training Schedule for 2018


For joining the 2018 training programme, you will have to start with the four-day Gift of Dyslexia workshop in Cape Town 10-13 May 2018.

A bit of history of Davis training in South Africa
In April 2011 Gifted Dyslexic and Davis Learning Foundation from the UK, ran a pioneering in-house training workshop in Crossroads School in Johannesburg, one of South Africa's leading remedial schools. We are already receiving exciting reports from the school:

Comment from the principal of Crossroads

"We are in full swing with implementation and there is a lot of excitement.  Every member of staff is currently either doing the programme in the class or, in the case of the therapists, running the individual programme for children identified as in desperate need."
This was the culmination of a two year preparation, starting with Crossroads school sending three members of staff to South Africa's first ever Gift of Dyslexia workshop in Limpopo in 2009. The three staff members applied the methods in a one-to-one setting in the school for two years, and the immediate results were promising enough for the school to decide to equip every member of teaching and specialist staff with the Davis methods. This includes, teachers, therapists, counsellors and even the principal.

 Full Davis Training Cycle:         

We are very pleased that we are now able to offer the full training in South Africa. In order to ensure high standards of training and individual attention, we aim for a maximum number of six trainees in each cycle. Some of the training takes place in Kommetjie, Cape Town, and some of it will be in Gauteng. 

The first module is open to anyone wanting to help a loved one or a learner overcome their dyslexia. You can sign up for The Gift of Dyslexia Workshop, a short training course designed to empower you to effectively help your loved ones, or your students/clients in your existing work.

If you are a teacher in a mainstream school, you might want to consider The Davis Learning Strategies, a two-day workshop for primary school teachers who want to make it easier to cater for all learning styles in the classroom. This workshop aims equip you with the tools and strategies to prevent dyslexia in your class, while enhancing learning for all your learners.

If you want to be trained to deliver a complete Davis intervention on a professional basis, you can register your interest in signing up for a full training cycle, making you a licensed Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator.

Comment from Axel Gudmundsson, founder/director of Gifted Dyslexic

"Being a dyslexic thinker myself I have very good imagination, but I can not imagine any line of work more satisfying than being a Davis Facilitator. It is rewarding on every level, right from the smallest changes in a client's relationship with a letter in the Alphabet, up to the big picture of being involved in transforming education, and unleashing some of humanity's greatest human assets."

 Basic Course Series:                     

The Basic Course Series are open to you if you are interested in learning about the Davis approach, either in order to apply it in your existing work, or to apply it on a voluntary basis to friends or family. In order to qualify and receive a license to use the Davis trademark to promote your services, you will need to complete the whole Professional Training Series as well.

http://www.ddaafrica.com/gift-of-dyslexia-workshop/ (4-Days On-Site) UK £590, SA R7,200.

Learning the fundamentals of the Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme

This workshop is a professional level introduction to the Davis methods and theories described in Ron Davis' best-selling book The Gift of Dyslexia. Demonstrations, some hands-on practice, group exercises, lectures, Q&A sessions, and guidance on basic implementation of Davis Dyslexia Correction are offered.

This course is the first requirement for licensing as a Davis Facilitator. Attendance is limited to 30 persons. Includes course manual, 15-minute post-workshop consultation, Symbol Mastery Kit, and Verification of Attendance letter.

Basic Field Assignments (Minimum 30 hours at home, written up) R 8,000.

Practising the procedures of the Gift of Dyslexia Workshop at home 

You are then given the opportunity to practice some of the Davis techniques, using the knowledge gained in workshop. This practice is done by following a set of study assignments at home in your own time. You receive support and feedback from a Davis Specialist assigned to you. You then write up a report and submit to us, which is then commented on by your Specialist.

Prerequisite: The Gift of Dyslexia Workshop.

Basic Practice Meeting (4 Days On-Site) R18,000. 

Practising and fine-tuning the procedures from the Gift of Dyslexia Workshop

This module is open to trainees who have completed the Basic Davis Field Assignments. Its purpose is to refine counselling skills, and develop a deeper experiential understanding of dyslexic perception, thinking, learning style, and process. It may be repeated to improve skills. Intensive supervised practice of the basic Davis Dyslexia Correction procedures is provided in small groups.

Group size is limited to 6 persons per specialist. Specialist consultations and evaluations are included.

Prerequisites: The Gift of Dyslexia Workshop; Basic Davis Field Assignments.

Advanced Course:      

Advanced Methods Workshop (4 Days On-Site) R22,000

Davis Methods for Maths, Handwriting, Attention Difficulties, and Auditory Orientation:

This workshop is open to people who have successfully completed the Basic Supervised Practice Meeting. It provides specific training in applying the advanced Davis procedures for addressing the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder, dyscalculia and dysgraphia. It includes an advanced course manual, an Auditory Orientation & Fine-Tuning CD, and a Verification of Attendance letter.

Prerequisites: The Gift of Dyslexia Workshop; Basic Davis Field Assignments; Basic Practice Meeting.

 Professional Training Series:  

Application fee for Professional Training SA: R 1,000

The requirements for being accepted onto the Davis Facilitator Licensing Programme are:

  • successfully complete the Basic Programme (the Advanced Methods Workshop must also be completed prior to commencement);

  • be a current member of Davis Learning Foundation or your local Davis Dyslexia Association (you can join during the Advanced Workshop);

  • fill out an application form describing your background;

  • write a brief motivational letter explaining why you wish to become licensed, and how you intend to use and promote Davis Dyslexia Correction after licensing;

  • sign the Davis Dyslexia Association Standards of Practice Agreement.

Qualification Requirements

Qualifications or experience in either education, psychology, social work or counselling are no longer a requirement for acceptance, provided candidates have shown aptidude during the Basic Programme.

Advanced Field Assignments (Minimum 30 Hours at Home) R9,000

Practice of the Advanced Workshop procedures at home

You practice the advanced Davis techniques, using the knowledge gained in the Advanced Methods workshop. This practice is done by following a set of study assignments at home in your own time. You receive support and feedback from the Davis Specialist assigned to you.

Prerequisites: The Gift of Dyslexia Workshop; Basic Davis Field Assignments; Basic Supervised Practice Meeting; Advanced Workshop.

Advanced Practice Meeting (5 Days On-Site) R21,000 

Practising and fine-tuning the procedures of the Advanced Workshop in a supervised workshop setting.

This course provides the opportunity to master all the core Davis procedures and foundation concepts in a collaborative learning environment.

Prerequisites: The Gift of Dyslexia Workshop; Basic Davis Field Assignments; Basic Supervised Practice Meeting; Advanced Workshop; Advanced Field Assignments.

Training Pod Weeks (Three 5-day Trainings On-Site) R27,000 x 3 = R81,000. 

Fine-tuning your complete Davis Facilitator skills.

These training weeks focus on understanding the basic structure of the 5-day Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme and how this dyslexia programme needs to be tailored to the specific requirements of the individual client.

The training weeks are done in groups of three trainees, under the guidance of a Davis Specialist. In the three weeks you will have the opportunity to experience all the different aspects of the standard Davis programme. You will be required to:

  1. Receive a 5-day Davis Correction Programme as a client
  2. Observe a 5-day Davis Correction Programme
  3. Give a 5-day Davis Correction Programme as the Facilitator

During these training weeks there are sessions focussed on training you in the practicalities of running your own professional Davis Facilitator practice - administration, promotion, licensing requirements, etc.

Emphasis is also given to developing peer support and networking amongst the trainees of your group. The network of licensed Davis Facilitators throughout the world is an important resource available to you during your career as a Davis Facilitator.

Prerequisites: The Gift of Dyslexia Workshop; Basic Davis Field Assignments; Basic Practice Meeting; Advanced Davis Methods Workshop; Advanced Field Assignments; Advanced Practice Meeting.

Motivation and Responsibility Workshop (2 Days On-Site) R12,000.

Learning how to nurture motivation for programme follow-up

This experiential course covers the basic principles and concepts which underlie motivation and responsibility - the two most vital concepts for success as a Davis Facilitator.

The first two-day workshop lead you through all the components which make up a person's motivation and responsibility. Before revisiting these concepts in the second workshop, you will be asked to explore and report on finding these principles in your life and your environment.

Attendance at this workshop is recommended prior to initial licensing as a Davis Facilitator, and a requirement prior to renewing your first year license.

Includes manual and Verification of Attendance letter.

Prerequisites: The Gift of Dyslexia Workshop; Basic Davis Field Assignments; Basic Practice Meeting; Advanced Davis Methods Workshop; Advanced Field Assignments; Advanced Practice Meeting; Training Pod Weeks.

Final Assignments (4 x 5-days at home) R9,000.

Four full Davis programmes given, and written reports submitted

After completing the three Training Weeks, you are asked to provide four complete 5-day Davis Dyslexia Correction Programmes in your own professional setting at home with dyslexic clients. You will make records (case studies) of these four programmes and submit them for evaluation to your Davis Specialist. These case studies have full confidentiality and will be returned to you once evaluated.

Prerequisites: The Gift of Dyslexia Workshop; Basic Davis Field Assignments; Basic Practice Meeting; Advanced Davis Methods Workshop; Advanced Field Assignments; Advanced Practice Meeting; Training Pod Weeks.

Training costs overview: 


 To this is added the mandatory International Annual Licensing fee at the end of the training which is $350 each year, R 4,000 for the required local professional membership of a Davis Dyslexia Association Africa, and R2,000 for specialist reading fees for your license renewal case studies, for at least the first two years.

Training in more detail:

Various options for you

There are a number of options available to you, depending on the level of involvement you are prepared to take on, and what you can afford.
We like to think that the Davis programme is actually available to practically anyone, as you are not really restricted by finances. All you need is the book, some plasticine, time and patience. Alternatively, you can sign up for a workshop to give you more confidence in applying the procedures in the book, or book in a professional one-to-one intervention.

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Davis Dyslexia help for all ages

Handwriting correction might take an additional day.