Nicky Bennett-Baggs (UK)

Davis Facilitator
Having been trained as a Relate Counsellor I wanted to start working with children as well as adults.

I first heard about the Davis® Dyslexia Correction Programme when I read Ron’s book, The Gift of Dyslexia.
I have looked into many different ways of dealing with dyslexia and found that this method was so logical and straight forward.

My background as far as dyslexia is concerned is that I am, myself, a dyslexic as is my son. Christopher did a programme in 2000, and I felt that he benefited from it immensely. His confidence grew and he felt a lot more in control of his life. He is now at University studying business and marketing.

I decided, having seen the benefits that Christopher had gained from doing the programme, to train to be a Davis® Facilitator. I am now able to help other children and adults in the difficulties that I and my family have experienced for many years. I find the work very stimulating and rewarding and I hope to be able to continue to support those with dyslexia and offer them the ability to feel positive about themselves and confident in what they want to achieve.


Ledgmore Lane
Marsh Farm
Great Gaddesden

Office number: 0203 3030 243

Direct line: 014 425 2517

Nicky Bennet-Baggs, Marsh Farm

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