Ines Grote (UK)

I am a qualified teacher (Primary and Secondary) and live on the east coast of Norfolk where my office and workplace is located. Married with three sons of whom two are dyslexic, I have been witnessing the ups and downs that life with dyslexia brings along and feel strongly that the Davis method offers the right tools to unlock what holds back the dyslexic student. 

In 1998 I was introduced to the Davis Method when one of my sons, aged 8, experienced the program. His school-life was transformed! Not only did he learn to read (and play football) but he also became confident in reaching his potential; he started believing in himself. For that very reason, I have since trained as a Davis Facilitator and find it immensely rewarding to witness the client’s progress, to see the success and the happiness that is shared between pupils and parents alike. This program offers a chance to enjoy learning.

Speaks: English, German

Willing to travel to provide programme

Office telephone: 0203 303 0243
Direct telephone: 01493 393208

Ines Grote, East Somerton, Norfolk NR29 4DU