Gifted Dyslexic UK

Gifted Dyslexic was founded in 2004 as a small North-London practice, and now we offer a wide range of Davis programmes nationwide in the UK, in South Africa and Iceland.
Click here to read about the Icelandic dyslexia initiative, started by Axel Gudmundsson, founder and director of Gifted Dyslexic.

Below is a map showing the location of our main UK facilitators. If you do not live close to a facilitator, please keep in mind that some of us are willing to travel to you in order to work with you, and also that we might be able to help you find a qualified Davis facilitator closer to you - even though they may not be officially affiliated with Gifted Dyslexic. By clicking on the map you can move the map around, and you can click on a face of someone you might want to know more about.
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Gifted Dyslexic UK Facilitators